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SurfAir marketplace - scheduled flights
SurfAir - Search dropdown component and on demand flight card
SurfAir checkout sections

SurfAir Mobility

The platform distinctly offers both private jet rentals and regular flight bookings.
Product Design, Design System
XHQ main user dashboard feed
XHQ Bounties system
XHQ Invoices system

X-Team's XHQ

An internal platform for developers and managers alike.
'20 - '23
Product Design, Design System
Bramble main UI
Bramble - Create space flow
Bramble - Pricing page made in Webflow


Bespoke virtual spaces for every kind of social gathering online
'20 - '22
Product Design, Design System, No-code development
Trickle Drip editor


Online platform to keep track of your findings from the internet
'19 - '22
Product Design, Design System

Cozy cabin rentals

Branding, Web Design, Webflow development

A highly attended skate event

Branding, Web Design, Framer development

Agency website redesign

Web Design

Best rollerblading school in Poland

Branding, Web Design, Elementor Development

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It is very, very rare to find a reliable, talented, and forward-moving designer who is committed to your company's vision and success. Mateusz is all that and more. He's proven it working with us on projects for startups up to Fortune 500 companies. If you want immediate value with world-class design quality, I'd start with Mateusz in a heartbeat.


Ryan Chartrand
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Mateusz is as diligent as he is surprising. He has that rare combination of structure and creativity that allow him to find elegant solutions to a wide variety of design challenges. He brings fresh ideas and pragmatic problem solving to every task. He's also an excellent communicator and teammate. He's a joy to work with.


Vladic Ravich
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In a several-year collaboration Mateo developed a signature design system, which is frequently receiving praise from users and stakeholders alike. Mateo is highly skilled, reliable, kind and I gladly consider him an essential part of our team. He embodies the most admirable qualities that you are looking for in a web design professional.


Achim Rothe

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