Web apps that connect people

Let your web app connect people seamlessly as a result of optimized design solutions that are aligned with your business goals.

Building functional & beautiful digital products is challenging

See if these example problems sound familiar to you.

Inconsistent design
How many different buttons do you have?
Uncounted styles
Tons of font styles and colors.
Duplicated components
Dedicated for each specific function.
Difficult to use
Your users are confused... and leave.
Unpredictable implementation process
Yet another similar component coded from sratch.
Low conversion rate
Too much friction and too little incentive.

Reclaim control of your product

Thanks to well-organized, consistent, fast to implement design systems that save your time and increase revenue.

Business thinking
Design guided by your business goals.
Not only in the tools and process but also in communication.
Smooth working experience. Timelines you can trust. Effective execution.
Tech focused
I understand it’s challenges and its potential.
Unforgettable visuals Detail oriented Do I even need to mention that?
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Selected projects

Check them out and if you are interested in more, visit my Behance profile.

X-Team LogoXfive logo
Trickle cover image
Micro-learning platform
A platform for lifelong learners to keep track of your findings from the internet effortlessly
X-Team LogoXfive logo
Bramble cover image
Online gatherings
A platform for online gatherings to create and customize your own virtual space for every kind of social gathering online.
X-Team LogoXfive logo
Wodzu cover image
Roller Skating School
Various classes for people with different levels of advancement in roller skating.
X-Team LogoXfive logo
RSR cover image
Roller Skating Association
Popularize skating sports and promote an active, healthy lifestyle.


A collection from bonkers prototypes to real products.
See more on Dribbble.

About me

I’m Mateusz, 30 years old designer with over 8 years of professional experience. I live in Rzeszów, a city in south-eastern Poland.

Besides design, I have many interests. I play football and video games. I am an inline skater and a car enthusiast. Finally, I learn how to play guitar and I am a CD collectioner.

Photo of remote work on the beach in Melbourne, Australia
A photo of me on the speed slalom competitions
A photo of me working on a prototype
A photo of a landscape in Poland with X-Team bag and my car.
A photo of me while in a roadtrip in Norway with 3m snow in the background.
A photo of me walking in the mountains.
Skating holidays in Barcelona.

Skills &

Wearing many hats throughout my career taught me all it takes to achieve goals, save time and money.

Product Design
PD, UX, UI, Service Designer, call me however you want. 
I take part in the whole process and delivering is only the beginning of the journey.
Design Systems
Web & Mobile Apps
Prototyping & Testing
No-code Development
Deliver simple websites from scratch in no time.
Let your developers do the real job.
Wordpress & Elementor

Approach & vision

High level of how things actually work.

Discovery & strategy

I ask questions and listen to fully understand and get a sense for the project.

Wireframes & flows

Answering the user’s needs ensures an efficient & transparent flow.

Hi-fidelity & Visuals

My dedication leads to a world-class design.

Development & Handoff

Working with design systems makes collaboration with developers a pleasure.

Let's talk

You can reach out via e-mail or LinkedIn and follow me on Behance and Dribbble.

Please note that I am not available for any projects at the moment but still drop me a line to get in touch.